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Tax Fraud

The United States Internal Revenue Code (IRC) regulates various criminal tax violations, and the Internal Revenue Service enforces the tax law.  Tax violations can be both civil and criminal in nature.

Violations of the IRC come in an array of criminal charges, including: felony tax evasion; employers who willfully fail to collect any tax required under the IRC and willfully fail to truthfully account for and pay over taxes; a misdemeanor prosecution for a taxpayer who willfully fails to pay an estimated tax, pay a tax, file a tax return, keep legally required tax records, or supply required tax related information; a taxpayer who willfully files false documents or assists others in the same action; and finally it is a crime for any person to impede or interfere with the administration of internal revenue laws through corrupt or forcible acts.

Conspiracy charges to defraud the United States may also be brought in relation to criminal tax violations.